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Suggestion of the Pages is the most important aspects of a successful website. It depends on the types of a website you want to optimize. Pages which work for one types of site may or may not work for other types and some are such which are common for all. So before you start thinking about what to write, it is important that you create a plan, which outlines what each page will contain. Here is a list of important information that can or should be included on your site.

  1. Home Page: These may be obviously the first page of the site. Normally such page includes the information about what you can do for your customers and what the site is all about and some times includes the links to the inner pages.
  2. Products / Services: Normally such pages includes the types of products or services to be sold. It is wise to have different pages for each type of products and services discussing their benefits and usefulness by sharing links on same page. These can help to win the confidence of the customers.
  3. About Us: This is one of the most important pages as it tells your customers about who you are and why they should buy your products, services. These is the page which will bifurcate you from others as many of the companies includes their belief, vision, technique, details of their staff and recently completed projects.
  4. Contact Us: Try to place your contact details in as many places as possible. Normally this page includes the complete details about the company such as the company name, registered address. Branch office address, website URL, email address , phone numbers and so on.
  5. Testimonials: Testimonials from your current customer can win the confidence of your potential clients. At this point it should be made sure that the testimonials are real and if possible provide contact details of the person who has supplied you with the testimonial.
  6. FAQ: These have proven to be a great time saver for many companies. Instead of having to answer the same question over and over again, place them on your website and keep adding to them. The more information you have on your website the less time you will need to spend answering question by email or phone. Though nowadays the trends is to keep the link to talk ( i.e. Live chat) to any customer care executive online. So any doubt can be solved at the earliest would not need to email or make any phone call for the same.
  7. Resources: These is one of the best way to share the details about the other genuine company which sells or provide information that is complementary to what you do.
  8. Site search: Some visitors to your site may not know exactly what they want but if you include a search function on your site, they can look for it very easily. Like search engines, this feature will allow your visitors to type in a word or phrase and then search for it on your site. It's like having your own mini search engine. Normally such feature don't have a separate page but such links are kept on the home page.
  9. Privacy policy: Privacy continues to be a major issue for customers shopping online. A concern about how their information is going to be used is a major barrier when making a sale. Here by sharing information about the privacy and certification can win the trust of the customers.
  10. Site map: A site map is similar to content. It shows visitors how the site is laid out and one can easily move to any part of the site just by clicking the link for the same.

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