Content Optimization

There are many aspects of the Optimization process. Content Optimization is one of such process. Google in order to keep the process of search organic they keep changing their algorithm. In this algorithm base they consider nearly 200 aspects among which Content is one such aspect. Some time it appears that incoming links coming from greater PR supply greater advantage than well written and optimized content but what when the Page rank of such incoming links drops. It will definitely going to affect the performance of the site. So it is well said that the Content is the king. It will definitely add to the performance of the site and there is no risk of negative effect. Hope now it is clear that content optimization is one of the best ways to achieve good ranking in the SERP, but also note that while it comes to keyword density there is much debate in many forums and chat rooms about what is the maximum allowed density of keyword. Hope it is around 2% to 5%. i.e. If you have written an article of around 100 words than your targeted keyword should be repeated only between 2 to 5 times. More than these it will result into spamming. So much care should be taken while taking any such decision. The Beginner in the field of SEO should consider this point.

There is much confusion prevailing about it, the maximum keyword density for one search engine is not the same as it is for another. Chasing the density of one may very well ruin your efforts on another. The best way is to write the content considering the visitors and not the search engines.

There is also possibility of getting good PR and higher position in SERP by using unethical techniques such as hidden text, extremely small font sizes, and other tactics that basically hide text from a live visitors but keep in mind such ranking will be only for short term base once you are noticed than you are definitely going to be thrown away from the search and these will definitely create a bad impression about you or your company in the mind of the visitors and search engine.


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    In the SEO process, content optimization describes most of the hands-on work done to make unique documents place well in search engine rankings. Content is the stuff people are looking for on a website. Comprised of the most common site elements, content is the most effective tool SEOs have to work with. Loosely defined as All Things On-Page, the term “content” would include titles, tags, text, in-site links and out-bound links. Visit Internet marketing for more information.

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