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Directories are a valuable tool for promoting a website. Especially for website that rely on search engines to gain visitors to the website. Links from web directories help increase a website's rankings within search results. When promoting a web site, gaining back links from other websites is an important first step. It will increase your inbound link count. All search engines use this factor, in varying degrees, to establish how important a website is, and where it should appear in search engine search results. One should use a combination of techniques to gain back links. Popular approaches are article sites, forum signature and web directories.

Directory submission normally involves submitting a website to as many web directories as possible. You can find list of web directories by making search in Google. The basic aim is to have your website place on the first page of a search engine result page and to do that you need to get your website indexed. You can do this by making directory submissions , either manual directory submission or semi-automated directory submissions. Web directories are updated continually and maintained by the service provider. Many of them are vast directories that cover a multitude of topics like the Google directory, other directory are more specific or niche directories specific to certain area. You should make start submitting your website to related to your niche and than carry on with general directories. Make sure to follow all the guide of web directories to maximize your submission. To carry on this process you need basic information to get started such as the normal name, address, email, website Url and website description information.

Almost all web directories offer a free submission and a paid submission. Paying for a directory submission means that your listing will be reviewed as a priority, and normally added within a few days. Paid listing normally appear at the top of listings in the directory categories, making these links more powerful than free submission. Once a submission is accepted in a web directory, a link to your website will appear in the web directory. This starts promoting the website in various ways.

Search engine spiders will find the link, and visit your website. If this is the first time the search engine has discovered a link to your website, the search engine will start to index your website. You do not need to submit your website to search engines, just get a listing in a web directory, and all of the search engine will eventually find your website.

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