Meta Tag Optimization

In the beginning stage of internet and the search engines meta-tag content was known as the secret weapon for top search engines positions. It was so easy to get top in the Serp but as days past people began to abuse it. They (spammer) started to take the advantage of these feature by putting keywords into the Meta tag that had nothing to do with the content of their site.

These made the performance of all major search engines look down as they got more irrelevant results for the searches made so in order to tackle the situation they started to give less and less weight to such meta tags, and more weight was given to the actual content of the pages. It is not that it is totally irrelevant for a site ranking but it appears that many search engines use them as a minor supplement to the text in the body and title tag of your web pages.

Even than many of them are looking to give more importance to Meta tag description is because they are often considered in SERP's.

Its HTML format looks like these:


TITLE your Descriptive keywords title goes here TITLE

META NAME="Description" Content="Your keyword description"

META NAME="Keywords" Content="Keyword (separated by a commo)"


(Note: In the tag above arrow mark is not used, please consider the same)

your descriptive keywords title goes hereIt is an HTML tag that provides information about the Web Page's content, such as what HTML specifications a Web page follows or a description of its content. A meta tag doesn't affect how a Web page is displayed in a browser window.

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