Web blog Marketing

A web blog may be called as a web promotional writing; they have brought internet marketing to the next level, where content is considered to be the ultimate king. It can also be defined as publication of thoughts maintained in a web page. The interactive format of blog allows any reader to leave comments. Posts or entries in any blog are updated quite frequently. Normally there are two types of blog such as personal blog where the blogger himself maintains his/her personal online ongoing dairy. Through personal blog individuals can share thoughts and feelings instantaneously with friends and family. The other form of blog is business blog which provides a platform for communication between the customers or employees. They are aimed at promoting any business. Business blog have gained immense exposure in connecting with potential customers, branding and even for building additional web traffic.

Blog have became one of the must have things for every online business, we can also share knowledge and expertise with a large number of audience. It also provides an opportunity for powerful marketing. They have the potential to set you and your competitors apart with ease. Various blogging software companies like Typepad, Blogger.com and Word press provides the platform for easy and free blogging. So it is one of the best and free ways to drive consistent traffic to a site. Nowadays the latest trend is video blog marketing, thanks to online video broadcasting web sites like You Tube. The big advantage to video blogs( also known as vlogs) is that they are great viral marketing tools that can attract a ton of traffic to your web site.

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