Integrating Website with Google Analytics

What is the use of the marketing tool if you are unable to detect its performance? Website is one of such online marketing tool which is created not just to have a fun but to make an online web presence more of a correctly marketed website will bring in leads and direct prospective clients to your business's location. Regardless how you use your website, you need to be able to see how many visitors it is getting and more importantly how they found you, how long they were on your site and what pages they visited. There are no of tool available to accomplish the same task but among them analytic s tool provided by Google is one of the best idea as it takes minutes to sign up for and will provide you with all the necessary metric you will need to determine which promotion technique is working or not working on your website for successfully capturing new sales for your business. The best thing of these tools is that it is totally free.

Once you are logged in, you can easily add your site to analytic tool, before getting started you have to verify that the same site is owned by you and for that you have to add the tracking code on every page of your website these will allow you to get the real matrix of your site such as pages visited, time on the site and whether or not the visitor is new to your website or not. Obviously when you first start out, every visitor will be a new one but after a few days your percentage of new visitors will start to drop. A good percentage of new visitors is anywhere above 80%. The logic behind is to get new visitors to your website but making sure your website is useful enough to bring back those who have already been there. With the help of these tools you can discover from where you are getting real visitors and accordingly you can concentrate on them for more visibility. You can even see how well your campaign is running. If you have opted for any of such traffic building method that is not accomplishing too much, you can quit spending your time, or find out where the error is so you can fix it. Also you can learn which keywords receive the highest ranking. Do your homework and replace ineffective keywords with better ones. Google Analytic s allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing programs, email marketing, pay per click networks, unpaid organic search, and much more.

Just by keeping track on various aspects of analytic s shown by Google tool you can increase your ranking in Google and accordingly get exposure in Search engine, as all the aspects of analytic s shown by the Google Analytics tools are included in its algorithm used for ranking site. It is also integrated with Google Ad Words. Google Ad words will display an ad for your business on Google search results pages and their advertising network on a pay per click basis; that is, you only pay Google an advertising fee if people click your ads directing them to your website. Using Google Analytics in conjunction with Google Ad words optimizes your online marketing campaigns by tracking your sites landing page quality and conversion goals. By using Google Analytics, you can determine which ads are performing well, and which are not, providing the information to minimize or select appropriate keywords for Ad words campaigns.

So now what you are waiting for just create an email ID in Google or with the help of an existing one login the analytics tool provided by Google and increase you site performance.

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