CSS Submision and its benefit

CSS (Cascading style sheets) is used to describe the look and formatting of a document. It’s most common application is to style web pages. Its main purpose is to enable the separation of document content from its presentation such as layout, colors, and fonts. This feature of CSS enables better crawling of the web page also with the help of CSS a table less web design is possible. The Specifications of CSS are maintained by the world web consortium (W3C).

CSS offers you a benefit you may not have thought about before, the benefit of better SEO. As all of us are well known with the fact that Content is considered to be the king but hope many of them will be ignorant with what is considered a good page structure and its importance in optimization process but the key to real SEO begins with good page structure and organizing your content. By understanding how search engines see your pages, you can build better page structure. They use the top down logic in looking at web pages. They look at your code, not the visual display that users see. Human eyes are drawn to the page content right away, even when there are other things on the page but Search engine robots do not see things the same way. Well let discuss more about the same in next coming post lets start with what Css Submission is and how they benefit you

A site which is created using CSS and if it is nicely designed than you can submit your site to CSS galleries and same can be made available from here www.thecssgallerylist.com. These types of galleries are considered to be big help for the websites that are into web design and related industry. Before submitting to any of such site make sure to follow certain specifications.

The website must not contain any error.
Must be W3C validated
Mentioned clearly whether they are with table or table less

The visitors from such site may be one who want to avail your services or the critics. By submitting to such sites you will not only get a healthy exposure but you also get one way link from a good niche site and this influence your website page rank.


  1. I have a site named designarcade.com , it is a good quality site, it has many html errors. May i submit it to css gallery? I am little confused.

  2. CSS are very SEO friendly given that they work better and fare better with search engine crawlers compared to layered javascript arrangements. I recommend CSS for page designs.

  3. The big advantages of using CSS to facilitate website maintenance. maintaining a website with CSS much easier compared to the settings that apply to the table. CSS documents makes it easier to keep the site and the contents of the document in the style of presentation.

  4. The most useful benefit of CSS Submission is that by submitting to these sites we will get a good backlink. We just introduce our site to the community who arte interested in the CSS of different sites, so that they can get to know about our site's CSS.

  5. CSS Submission? Hmm this is something that I really should look forward to in my projects.


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