Maintaining Keyword Progress

The words that people use when they search or query the web for information determine the results the search engine presents. Search engine optimizers find words people use when they search - we call them keywords - that might sound ridiculous but keywords are simply 'the words people use when they search' so simple right? And a good keyword is extremely powerful stuff for online marketers and can make the difference between making it and breaking it on the web. As we all know that search engines always read, crawl and index text. They do not recognize images, flash content or symbols. Therefore, you need to use the most relevant text for your website and sprinkle the content with the right keywords in order to improve your page ranking in various search engine results pages. It can also be called as keyword tag. Actually the tag means that the web page has been tagged for the keyword. That particular keyword is searched very quickly by the search engine. If any one is searching the web with that particular keyword in mind, he or she will be able to reach that web page through a search engine which has been tagged for that keyword. The keyword tags are one of the most important on page search engine optimization techniques.

You should be very careful while selecting the keywords for your website and choose such keywords that are most suitable for describing your website and place them in the most strategic locations, where there are maximum chances for the spiders of the search engines to read, crawl and index them. Providing keywords in the headings, in the initial part of the first paragraphs, in the page titles, file names and directory names, are some of the commonly used strategies for improving your page ranking. You can also consider including keyword phrases in the URLs or domain names of your websites. Sometimes, you might be very confident that the keywords that you have chosen for your website, describe it in the best possible manner. But, how do you know whether you have really chosen the best keywords for your website or not? What if there is no one out there, who will submit a search query for the keywords chosen by you?

Therefore, you should not go for uniquely different keywords because there is very little scope for the search relevancy to match those unique keywords, as a result of which your website will not feature in the search results at all. This is the reason why you should consider using those keyword phrases that are popularly searched by viewers. Hope many of you had come across the situation when you are not getting enough search engine traffic to your site, at such a moment it is very much clear that you are not using the words your customers use or might be you are not visible to them due to huge competition. You can make use of tools like keyword suggestion tools, which give you the statistics of the search popularity as well as the level of competition for the keywords selected by you. There are lots of great tools and software available to assist online marketers to build good keyword lists. Google trends and Ad Words are good for keyword research and show lists of synonyms with monthly search volumes for a chosen country. shows daily search volumes and results and a good place to build your seed list of keywords. There is also,, for a visual representation and that will allow you to do some competitive analysis.

Once you have selected your keyword the next step is to focus on the keyword density by making your web content keyword rich. You should try to make your website content keyword rich and focus upon maintaining a good keyword density. Ideally, 3 to 6 percent of keyword density should be maintained for the major 2 or 3 target keywords and 1 to 2 percent of keyword density should be maintained for minor keywords. It's also a good idea to keep track of your progress and lists that you are working on for campaigns in an excel spreadsheet for good keyword effectiveness analysis. You'll want to keep track of progress on what works and what doesn't with performance checks and analytics then work through revisions and optimization to profit. Keywords that bring good traffic and good conversions are your target obviously. But there are also good keywords that bring low traffic but super conversions. The keywords that bring good traffic and poor conversions you'll need to work on and in this way you can increase the performance of your website.

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