Press Release Submission

In beginning stage a press release was mere a statement written by a company for distribution to the media. The intent of a media release was to give journalists useful, interesting and newsworthy information. The purpose of press release distribution was for you to get media coverage, which will turn in web traffic to your site and networking connections for your business. But now the same concept is changed and it has taken shape of web 2.0, it has changed the way the world does business and accordingly the PR is not restricted to media level only but now it can capture the attention of global market. Web 2.0 is the second generation of web development. It emphasis on sharing information and collaborative social networking and brought with it some important changes to traditional media practices. Though the media still plays an important role in its distribution but after the development of social networking sites they too are capable of turning such press release into breaking news.

Free press release submission sites enable many business owners to effectively distribute their news articles. They are an excellent place to start when first writing news for your business. Your business will be well promoted by broad exposure to mass media outlets, with no cost to increase your profits but at the same time you should keep in mind that such sites promotes your press release at no cost so you should maintain the quality level and should follow all the required guidelines. A press release can be rejected if it reads more like an advertisement, than like a news story should, so make sure to write a quality press release based on newsworthy stories, written in a third party style, with a good layout. While writing any such release make sure to include targeted keywords. Even the short details about the company and a link back to the site can be included at the end of the release thus hereby the readers can get a chance to link back to your site. If they found it an informative one they can even subscribe for RSS feeds of the site in these way benefit of viral effect can be available.

Normally there is no guarantee that your submission will be published under free category as they get number of such news throughout the day and so your selection is totally based on quality and content of your submission. Even though you can opt for paid submission, they allow you to get a very large coverage and they are guaranteed to be the best as for search engine exposure. There cost is around 250 and 350 dollars. It may seem a lot of money, but the return you can get, is certainly worth it. While going for paid submission you don’t have to submit to more sites as they take care of its distribution everywhere. All this depends on your budget for marketing purpose.

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