Google Base: A new way to submit content in Google

Google is testing a new way for content owners to submit their content in addition to their existing methods of Web crawler. So they have come up with a new form to accomplish the same task, which is known as Google Base. At present the beta version of Google base is out. It is a large database into which any business or individual can add content such as images, text and information from various formats including excel, XML and PDF. If Google find your information relevant it could appear on Google Maps, web search or Google product search (Froogle). The item or service will be featured for thirty days from going live. It is in some way acting like an online classified ads service such as Craig list. The said service provided by Google is absolutely free and you can submit manually or via a recognized feed at the Google Base Homepage. You can submit all you’re online and offline content, even if you’re content are offline you can upload it to the Google database with the help of ftp details of Google Server and by creating your user name and password from Google Base. You can describe any item you post with attributes, which will help people find it when they do related searches. While uploading any such content make sure you follow all the rules by Google Base else they will be disapproved.

While uploading data feed make sure you specify a target country on the setting page of your Google Base account. A target country is the location where you did like your items displayed in the search results. The target country United States will display listings in Google Base U.S. search results. You can submit up to 10 data feeds in your Google base account and with up to 100000 items in each feed. You can also pause or delete any data feed once uploaded and stop them from coming in search results. To track the effectiveness of the campaign Google base provides various statistics such as total impressions, clicks and page views for each item you post. We will learn more about Google base and Google product search in the next coming post.

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  1. Can I add my blog feed on google base? I need more info about google base. Thanks for the info.

    Esaul Daris
    Article Submission Master


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