How does Google Collect and rank Results ?

The answer of which can solve the problem of many, so let see how Google Rank a particular web page. A lot of things have to happen before you see a web page containing your Google Search results. First of all Google Bot or crawler will try to crawl and index the billions of pages of the World Wide Web. Many of them still think that it is the Crawler or Google spider which roams the web (www) try to index the page but, it is not the fact. Google spider asks a web server to return a specified web page, than scans that web page for hyperlinks. Thus in these way Google spider will try to reach and crawl maximum page by following the link in similar way. So it is clear that Google spider can catch any particular page only if it will find its link from any page which is already indexed. Once the spider finds any particular page it allots a number so it can refer to the pages it fetched when required.

once the activity of crawling is completed than an indexing comes into action. Only crawling will not make the documents search-able. Under indexing each crawled pages are indexed for a particular term so that the server don't have to read the complete text of every document each time a search with particular keyword is made. For example the word "mobile" might occur in documents 1,3,5,7 and the word "Seo" might occur in documents 2,4,6,8. As soon as an index is build the next procedure is to rank the document in terms of relevancy.

Thus by the time Google will be ready to provide the results, for these they have to undertake below two activities:

1) Google server will try to find the set of pages that contain the user's query somewhere
2) Rank the matching pages in order of relevance.

Let make me more clear the above activity with an example of "Mobile" and "SEO". If any one makes the search by term “Mobile SEO” than the result will be as follows:

From the above table we can get that the term mobile and seo appear in 2 document(i.e. in 3 and 4).The list of documents that contain a word is called a "posting list", and looking for documents with both words is called "intersecting a posting list." So both these document will appear ahead of other document which contains only one word and there even exist competition between those two words. The one which seems more relevant will be presented as a top result. For these the Google use the Page Rank technology.We will learn more about Page Rank in the next coming post.


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