Mobile SEO : A new trend in Marketing

Before a year or two we all have heard about the mobile marketing and its significant place in digital marketing but we were not clear about how it will be accomplished. Anyway now hope many of you have come across the term mobile marketing and heard lot of news about it. It is because now after systematic research many platforms have developed which enables you to market by the way of Mobile phone.

It is after the launch of various iPhones and such device the use of mobile phones become more than a mode of communication, now with the access of internet anyone can search anything at the rocket speed just like he use to search from his PC. Looking to this trend of the market many of the companies has started to find a way to remain in touch with their valued customers. Now they can market their product by various means of SMS, by developing an application or creating a mobile compatible website and doing SEO for same. Apart from these various location based Apps has also been developed these will allow the retailers to interact with their valued customer when they reach their location or surroundings area. These will increase the chance of sale.

These seem good news for the SEO Industry as now they have a wide scope and they can also concentrate in mobile technology to provide more leads to their valued clients and on other hand a business unit also gets a chance to use this mobile technology to expand their market. The mobile marketing seems to have a big scope in next coming years as the number of Mobile phone users has already reached 50 % of total world population. It is the only powerful platforms to attract the customers of local business just like Retail mall who can make the use of Location based application and make their most to attract the customers who use to pass near by the location of Mall. Thus in these way Mobile marketing has something for every one. We will be learning more about mobile platform in the next coming post.

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  1. I think there is going to be a big shake up SEO around this. There are lots of new "iPhone" style smartphones out this year so the mobile web (and therefore mobile SEO) is going to explode.

    Just like you mentioned location is going to be big factor in the role of mobile SEO as well, so it will defiantly be an interesting year.


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