What is Google Local Business and how to rank higher

Google provides small business unit an opportunity to list their business at the top of most local search results pages. Generally a map is linked with each listing, this is because Google used the existing infrastructure of Google Maps to implement the free business listings. When anyone makes a search with “keywords + location” then Google presents a result of local listing along with a map at top of all organic results. Such results are from Google local business listings. To list Your business at Google local business  just make a search for "Google local listing" in Google and you will get a sign up page, now you can sign to the Google local business with the help of your G-mail ID.
Once you are signed up, now you can add your business details to the Google local business Center and select from various option of validation to validate your listing. In this way you can list your business and within a day your listing will be made searchable. Google also provides you the facility to track the performance of your listing where you can track the number of impression and actions taken by the visitors.

How to appear ahead of other listing under Google local business

Google uses different algorithm to rank any particular listing under local business than the one used for organic results. If any of your customers leave a good reviews of your product or service on your local listing page, your listing will definitely climb in rank. If all these review comes from the visitors using G-mail ID your listing is sure to climb in ranking. Also make sure to complete your profile 100% or update maximum possible information. Hope all these information will prove very much helpful to improve your Web presence and get maximum out of your online identity.

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