Competitor Analysis, a best way to start seo campaign

When planning a marketing strategy for your website it is essential to carry out initial competitor analysis. As it is handy to conduct research while doing any type of offline promotion, similarly it is must to conduct primary research into your competitor's offering to understand what you are competing against.  Now the question arise how do I know who is my competitor? Though in first instance it seems a simple question but these is one on which your entire strategy depends. First of all you can find the site of your well known competitor whom you know personally or who is your off line competitor just by typing their firm name into the search fields of the Search engines.

Also make sure you try different search engines, because sometimes when the firm doesn’t rank in Google may very well rank in yahoo and msn results. Than move ahead and find by using the keywords you would use when you look for similar product in this case you will find either your offline competitor or someone new who is capable enough to give you a tough competition. By chance if you find you off line competitor than you can relax a bit as by learning their keyword strategy and marketing tactics you can very well overcome him.  For learning what your competitor does just look to the source page of his site. You can open the source page by "Crtl+U" of your keyboard.  Now you can see an additional window is opened showing the source of the original page. Here you can learn the following things

1)    Title used by your competitor
2)    Meta description used
3)    Keywords used

By now you can get a rough idea about the keywords targeted by your competitor, now the next step is to look for number of times the keyword used in the content of the page. Here though many believe that the number of times the keyword used is good but keep in mind overuse of the keyword may result in banning of your page. So the density of keyword is of great importance. Once you complete the initial analysis of what your competitor does in terms of on page than the next step is to build your content by selecting and measuring search volumes for specific, targeted keywords for your website. Once you will be able to select the key phrases that your customers are searching for than you can incorporate these strategically throughout your pages. The search engines bot will then index the relevant content on the site and your page ranking position will rise as a result. This is the core of  any seo campaign, successful keyword and phrase research will also help you to exclude search terms which are not to be focused because of low search volumes or they are commonly overused and the competition is too high. By making initial competitor analysis you can get scrap idea about the requirement of your potential customer and their search volumes. These can help you to prepare your website to meet the requirement of your potential customers. Critical information about vistors and their ratio can help you to take decision about the site bandwidth.

Thus it is very much clear from the above discussion that conducting competitor analysis can help you to find who you are competing with and accordingly you can identify the strengths and weakness of your online marketing campaign. So this can help you to take actions needed to be taken in order to improve your competitive position within the market.


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  3. These is one of the best way to targeted the keywords. These can help you to prepare your website to meet the requirement of your potential customers. Critical information about vistors and their ratio.

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