How to get free back Links from high PR sites?

Back link is considered as one of the major factor for top ranking in various Search Engines. Even Google considers back link as one of the main factor to allot page rank, it also plays a significant role in SERP. Back link is considered as a vote to Page from another similar relevant pages. While planning strategy for back links do plan your inner pages too as it will increase the overall prominence of the site.

Now the next question arise how to obtain back link from high PR sites and that too free of cost. Don't worry I have collected a good list of high PR sites to get link back from them. Though you will be unable to get relevant traffic but they can serves a good way of getting back link (vote) from high PR site at the initial stage. All these will increase the goodwill of the site in viewpoint of Google.

1) StatCounter.Com : Get register in Stat Counter Forum and update the information along with URL of the site. Once registered will be counted as a back link.

2) eHow.Com : Get registered in and update the information in the similar passion one you have updated for stat counter. From here too you will be getting back link from your profile page.

3) Join Message Board Discussions at Use tool WYSIWYG to post article, and also make sure to include the link back to the site along with your main keyword.

4) Create profile on and post a link to your website through “comment wall” also try to write some useful post over there.

5) Join Google Earth’s (forums) and continue to insert link in signature.

6) Join forum, and post link in similar passion you have done for Google earth

7) Create your profile on,,, and post link of your website.

8) Create profile on and post link of your website

9) Create account in,,,, and post comment on blog.
10) Create profile on and post back link
11) Comment at stories:
12) Share news in
13) Register at

14) Apart from that also get register in these sites, all of these will be providing you with back link :,,,,

15) Look for .edu .gov and really old .org blogs you will be finding it in a bunch and try to have a comment on them. Keep in mind never try to spam the thing else you will be deleted the moment.

So it is very much clear that creating profile is one of the best way to get link back from high  PR site . Hope all these will help you to get a back link from High PR site and that too without spending a penny.


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  2. Great list, I might give a couple a go although being UK based I'll be on the lookout for more natural UK based ones. cheeers

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  6. I'll keep these tips in mind. Thanks for sharing them.

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