Google Ranking Master Gujarat – A hunt to win Google Ranking Master Title for Gujarat

Hi every one this post is something off the track of my posting record, but I am really encouraged to post about this subject. As it is really one of the best opportunities for all SEO professional over there to learn SEO with Fun. Each and every participant of Google Birthday Event apart from admin level will be taking part in this contest. So it is very much clear that the contest is going to be competitive one. This is really a big opportunity for all SEO and internet marketing professional to explore their hidden talent in the world of Google Ranking.  The Event will start from 23rd Aug 2010 and will end on 15th Sept 2010
The Contest Details:
1)    You can have your own post in the form of News, Articles, Reviews or any form of Posting which talks about the Google Ranking Master 2010. ( You may post in your blog or even you can have the post in the form of News)
2)    Either your blog with the post or news in any form talking about Google ranking master 2010 should rank on first page on for  keyword -- >>  “Google Ranking Master Gujarat
3)    You can use all White Hat SEO techniques, Spamming is not allowed
4)    The result will be considered from Organic Search.
5)    Landing Page should be your post. If it is Home Page or any third party website – then it will be considered, once the admin members are satisfied by the strategy used.
6)    Don’t forget to mention your name, Email ID, address of your Residence and Contact number at the end of Post. Also make sure you are member of Top SEO Meetup Facebook Group and you are participating in Google Birthday Event 2010 at Ahmedabad. If not please subscribe at!/event.php?eid=136396503063785&ref=ts

One who has attained 1st Place in for the specified keyword “Google Ranking Master Gujarat” will get the Trophy consecutively, 2nd and 3rd Rank holder will get some Surprise Gift, appreciation at the industry level, name will be published in the news release after the Event.  A huge level of exposure and the trophy so what are you waiting for just subscribe to the event and take part in the contest. Who knows either you can earn Google Ranking Master Gujarat title for the year 2010. For any reason you are unable to subscribe for the Event, never mind you can still get a huge traffic, exposure and that too from your industry friends, you can prove yourself by being ahead in the result.  So let start the game, the hunt for Google Ranking Master Gujarat is on.


  1. I need a SEO Master. Please contact me asap. usatravelguide @

    Thank you

  2. WOW!!

    What a contest!!! I am from Rajasthan, and can sense that I cannot participate in this contest. Please let me know If I can...


  3. Even I am interested... Is there any other such contest?

  4. No such contest has any meaning. Specially in SEO, very few organization with good authority, are there, which conduct, SEO contest and they worth-full too..

  5. very good information. seo is the essence of internet marketing

  6. A very good knowledge you possess of the subject


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