Wikidofollow - A Compiled list of high ranking do follow sites.

Hi, every one after a break I am back on the track of posting informative article which will help you to carry on optimization of your website easily and more effectively. In this post I am going to talk about the Wiki, yes not the one you use to refer for information and where u can see only and only no follow links but this is a whole new wiki which is created on the idea of do follow. This wiki is going to become a great hub of do follow websites. This is really great news for all those SEO over there. As now they don't have to search for do follow link provider here and there. They can get do follow article list, do follow blog list, do follow social bookmarking and also do follow forums list as now they can get all this at one place. All this will help you to build your back link to your website. Though the website is at present in the infant stage but it is sure to become a huge success. If you are running any such discussion website or community then take time to submit your community website to wikidofollow as you are to get a good exposure and traffic from there.

Below are some of the rules to get listed in wikidofollow.

1) The website should be a do follow one. I.e. you should provide do follow links
2) The website should be active since last 3 months.
3) Should have at least 1 PR or should have Alexa rating less than 1 million
4) Not be of pornographic or illegal nature.

So what are you waiting for if you are running any such community website which satisfies all above listed requirements than you can very well get listed in dofollow wiki and enjoy a constant flow of traffic to your website. Go and get listed in a particular category of wikidofollow at


  1. It's really good news for all those SEO there. As they currently do not need to seek to follow the link provider here and there. You can follow the list of articles, follow the list blog, follow social bookmarking, and also to monitor forums.

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