Secret on Page Tips from Google Webmaster End

In the last post we were discussing about Importance of On page optimization and have learnt about FTP and its uses. Now moving ahead we will learn some of the important steps to be considered while doing on page optimization. While doing on page audit Google Webmaster plays a very important role. First of all configure any website with Google Webmaster, it is free and if you have Google Analytics account even not required to upload any webmaster Meta for verification just link the email ID used for Google Analytics with Google Webmaster and you are ready with you Webmaster Account. Here you can submit sitemap for Google and watch performance of website in Search king Google. Once you have configured website with Google Webmaster you can track site crawl rate, error while crawling, 404 pages, any malware in website, number of indexed web pages and so on.  Gather all on page information about the website and accordingly take wise decision to make them more search engine friendly.

        Here you can even find the details about duplicate title tag, long title tag and so on, all this prove very much helpful to make some important On page change. Not found pages can be re-directed to newly modified page or can be re-directed to Home Page which ever proves beneficial as per situation. Apart from it website crawl rate reveals the importance of particular web page for Google Crawler. Not only this even if any virus is found in the website or in any particular web page it will be disclosed by Google Webmaster, the script which Google considers as virus will be shown under Webmaster tool. We just have to copy that particular script and find the page where it is present in our Website and remove the same and apply for reconsideration of entire website in Google Webmaster tool. This will make your website reliable to Google and other visitors.

The latest updation of Webmaster Tool provides you with the number of Impressions and click through rate for any particular web page. All this not only prove beneficial for on page decision but also will help you to concentrate particular Page which requires more exposure in terms of Link Building.

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  1. thanks for the tips. it would be useful to make my website on page perfect to get good results.


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