Link Building Campaign – A must for each Websites

Till now each of them might be well aware about what is meant by SEO and how it helps to rank website ahead in SERP. Among this entire process of Optimization Link building campaign plays an important role. It decides the success or otherwise of the website. Inbound link works as a vote to the website from other websites.  While conducting any such link building campaign make sure to analyze it before going for it.  A well planned Campaign can provide you maximum benefits with fewer efforts.

Some of the points to be considered before going for any such Link Building Campaign’s as follows:

  1. Link should appear from different C – Class IP Address.
  2. Targeted Keywords should be used as Anchor Text
  3. First preference should be given to do follow links and then go for No follow.
  4. Link should come from relevant Websites, no Link Farm
  5. If Possible Links from .org, .edu websites are given more preference
  6. The Page should hold PR from where the link comes from.
  7. Link Page must be already indexed and cached by Google, Yahoo and Bing
  8. If possible Links from Static Pages is more advisable then from Dynamic URL
  9. Link Exchange with Relevant business websites
  10. Number of outbound links from the Page is also a factor to be considered.
  11. Preference should be given to links from home page or from two clicks away from home as deep       links  or links from four to five clicks might not be noticed by the visitors.
  12. Also Navigation path of page from where link appears should be considered. As some of the pages is Orphan. – Not linked with the Home Page

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