What is meant by Link Wheel in SEO - How to benefit from it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become critical component of a properly developed websites. In order to appear ahead of competitors when probable customers look for product or services in major Search Engine like Google, it has become necessary to optimize the websites for those keywords from On Page as well as Off Page point of view.  We are well aware about what is meant by On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. 

Off Page Optimization consist of more of Submission for building back link for the Websites.  Link Wheel is one such Off Page technique by which desired results can be achieved.  It is considered as link wheel helps the websites to rank for the keyword within short span of time. Under Link Wheel blog is created in different Web 2.0 Websites and are used to link with each other in a form of Link Circle.  For a Link wheel at least three blog should be created in different platform of Web 2.0 such as Blogger, Word press, Type pad, Live Journal, Blog and so on. In Case of three Link wheel each post in a blog consist of three links – 1) URL of Blog post itself -2) Targeted URL of Website -3) URL of next blog created in other platform, in these way the cycle rotates on. Make sure the first blog should contain the link of second and the second should contain the link of third and so on.
Link Wheel can be at lease of 3 Wheel and there is no limit for maximum Wheel to be created. If 10 blog is created and used to link in similar pattern then it may be called 10 Link Wheel.  As the number of link wheel increase, the pattern of linking will become more complex. This will make the link structure look more natural to Google Crawler and maximum benefit can be made possible.


  1. I think link wheel is to complicated for a beginner like me . I still believe that Content is the king...you give fresh content and Google appreciate it with rankings...as simple as that!

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  2. The link wheel is the great method in SEO. In this method using web 2.0 site for the adding our blog or article. for this method fast get the backling. You have nice share this method.

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