Link Bait - A program designed especially to gain quality inbound Links

Link Bait is form of program designed within a website, specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website. It involves offering some special gifts to the user, Industry breaking news, some sort of secrets, in all it involves anything interesting enough to catch others attention. The sole purpose of Link Bait program is to encourage link back to the website.
Inbound Link is one of the major factors considered to rank any website at Google SERP. It is a form of program designed specially to increase high quality relevant inbound links to a website. It involves sharing the information between bloggers and social media users, so that they can help promote the news more virally.

Let see some forms of Link Bait program  :

1) By providing valuable and industry news to the readers: A headline plays an important role while distributing any news, a strong headline can reach to masses.
2) Share funny story or a joke.
3) A badge or tool that can be placed or embedded on other websites, with a link included
4) Create fresh content and provide them to those who are in need with a condition to link back to you, such as some may require for traffic or Ad Sense Revenue
5) Gathering of contacts who will be interested to share such information before actual start of 
program may provide you with viral effect.
6) Support you industry people and they will support you in need.

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  1. It is one type of program which can be designed a website these can be really encourages to others which can be designed and may provide for the viral effect.


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