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What is this SEO all about? Hope many of those who are unaware about the term might be looking for it. Well the term is soon becoming too popular that now its scope has extended from only optimization of a web Page to creating Online Business leads, corporate presentation, Client communication and more of an Online Entity. One who has learned the skill is definitely going to rule these online world as there arose number of ways to make livelihood. The term SEO or Search Engine optimization is definitely related to optimizing a web page to increase its visibility in various search engines for the desired keywords. But it seems that more opportunity wait near to this term SEO. One who has achieved success in the aforesaid process can very well achieve success in other forms of business such as Lead Generation, Client communication, Creating Online brand identity and so on. He has limitless opportunity waiting for him.

Google plays a major role in the entire process of SEO, as it is the only Search Engine who provides you with nearly 69% of the entire Search traffic. So it is the Search Engine for which business from corner of the world looks to optimize their website for. Earlier it was a game of a layman as any one by adopting one or another way can achieve top position but as new business formed and they too started to join the race the competition in the online world increased, so there arose a need to create an algorithm which can filter the best possible result in accordance with the search made. In this mean time Google found that some of the websites used to increase their traffic by adopting a way which is considered to be immoral, so all this induced Google to create an Algorithm which can satisfy the needs of Go-ogler. Here came the page rank technology, which changed the entire scenario of search technology. Now link building from related content was considered to be one of the major requirements to achieve top most position, looking to this a new industry was developed which was known as Link Building. Google even introduced the no follow attributes to discourage active spammers whose main intention was to build links as soon as possible to achieve top position. Here many of them tried to create back link for a website by copying someone’s content and used those content to promote themselves.

Now Google has realized that many websites used such techniques to achieve rankings, so here comes’ the panda updates. Now the link back from those duplicated content will not be considered. Now looking to this there seems a good future for Content writing industry. Now there will be definite need of fresh and creative content to catch the attention of Google. In fact now those are capable of satisfying the customers most will be warmly welcomed by Google. So conclude this post by my suggestion. Stop searching for a way to achieve the top most position the next day and start impressing you visitors by regularly posting informative post about you niche.


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