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Google Page Rank Google Toolbar Page Rank is not visible?

It normally happens when you have got a new website launched and it is still not found by Google bot. Sometimes even after Google crawler caches the same but even the Page Rank bar shows as grey. It doesn’t mean that your page is negligible to Google but its still not received any Page Rank.

The most common way to lose Page Rank 

A quick way to lose the PR is to openly sell links to your site. This is now officially against Google webmaster guidelines for inclusion.

or may be your website gets less Page Rank through the links pointing to it from other sites. This could be because the pages of these links have less to offer public relations, the same links and disappeared without stopping point to your site, and Google has really changed the way it works Page Rank.

For now, we can visualize that Google penalizes a site, a reduction in the PR toolbar visible. It was earlier when many Web sites that openly manipulated through Google SERPS paid review blogs and link sellers have had their Google PR dramatically in the last quarter of 2007, But now they can’t escape from Google

Whether Page Rank has anything to do with visitors ?

Toolbar PR has little or no effect on the number of visitors Google sends you - believe me. Maybe that's why the bloggers who had been devalued PR reported that there was no loss of visitors to Google. A real reduction in PR however able to see fewer pages in your site to be indexed.

How to check the Page Rank of a website and even different web page ?

If you install the Google Toolbar you will see a green indicator in your Internet Explorer / Firefox toolbar shows you the Google Page Rank of the page. Hovering over the green bar will give you a number that is Google Page Rank of the page. Might in some case you have to select it from the setting menu of Toolbar.

How to Increase Page Rank of a website and even of different inner links ?

To get a higher page rank for your domain, you must get a lot of other PR link to you. In fact this is a continuous process as each updates gives you something new and you might look some websites increasing in terms of PR while some website lose their Page Rank. In directly your website is going to effect from them If you have got an inbound link from them.

Google Page Rank method is derived from links to it, and is the only way to increase Google Page Rank. IBLS (back links inbound) high Google Page Rank sites will give you a higher Google Page Rank "Juice", like the rings of a low Google Page Rank pages. There is another factor at play. Google Page rank that is divided into number of pages with outgoing links. You can get more benefit from the Google Page Rank 3 page there are only two outbound links as Google Page Rank 5 page with hundreds of outgoing links.

I have seen sites go from anywhere in the PR 0 to PR 7 in an update in 2009 although it is much harder to manipulate Page Rank as used circa 2007, when the toolbar PR was a joke.

However, one of the useful parts of PR is that when an update occurs, you can follow the Toolbar PR is how well Google has the juice for the propagation of heat through the architecture of the Google site.

Some Interesting facts about the Page Rank

I could go to Google PR is a recursive algorithm decayed into account, and probably quite far from the original Page Rank paper created by Larry Page, who is his real name, but is a guide for beginners. You do not need more. Just get links from other sites!

The most important thing to understand!

Page rank is if you are on the front page of Google, or not in. It's as simple as that of my observations. A high PR is not on a website not only in PR. The only good thing a lot of Google's Page Rank is that you can get more pages in Google - that's all. Not improve the ranking - for classifying a page, more pages to rank.

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  1. Hm, PR rankings matter to bloggers. Achieving a high PR ranking though, is no easy job at all. Writing quality blog entries can be one heck of a job, because not every reader is interested in your topic. It entails more work, but having a high page rank means everything. It's all about feeding your readers with good food for thought. :)


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