Google Local Listing – Mostly remains Unexploited

google-local-listing Hi Every One today I am going to talk about Local Listing. Usually I have come across with number of websites and their Brand names. After analyzing their marketing tactics I was surprised to see that all those business unit try to capture some big market or try to jump in the market where the competition is already too severe, leaving the profitable business opportunity from local market unexploited in terms of Google local listing. Google normally provides results from Google places along with maps when someone is looking for any particular product or services locally i.e. by including the city, state or local places name from where he is intending to purchase.


As per research around 80% of all purchases are made within a 15 mile radius of where people live. Though there may be debate on the exact percentage of searches that have local intent, but most studies say all searches of keyword phrase have around 20% to 25% local intent. So what are you waiting for get listed in Google places today itself and make most out of local business opportunity and wait the most important thing it is that it is totally Free!

In the next coming post, I am going to explain how to optimize Google local listing by performing various tips and tricks and make most out of it.

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