All about SEO and Google as a Search Engine

SEO or Search Engine optimization is done to increase the visibility of the website in Search Engines. It was earlier when just by adopting one or another tweaks we can procure top most position in Google and Major Search Engines, Looking to these many myths have developed that SEO nowadays has become too complicated and tough to achieve results. But I will say no not at all, SEO is always the same but yes the way we do SEO; the way we look to Search Engines for results has changed. In fact online competitor for any particular keyword has increased tremendously. Customers on one hand want to explore the power of internet to make purchase of product or service online from the comfort of their home and on the other hand business want to explore those online business opportunity which seems increasing day by day !

In this race, now each search engines want to become most prominent brand for their end users by providing any visitors with best possible results for which they are looking for. It is these which make the Search engines to adopt a strategy which helps to display them the best possible result for the query. Let’s talk with one such Major Search Engine which has evolved as a most prominent brand for their technology, there way of providing the search results and they are no one else than the Big ‘G ‘- Google. They has adopted numerous technologies in order to increase the end user experience, they have not limited themselves to Organic search but they provide entire range of service they have got varied range of search engines specific for each niche such as Video search engine, blog search engine, product search engine, News search engine, Images search engine, Maps and it will go on and on..... This is the specific reason why Google seems to be preferred by Most of end users.  It is these which have made them a prominent and most adopted brand by their end users.

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