What is Redirection in SEO and Types of them?

301 Redirection Redirection particularly involves either redirection of a web page or entire website to a new location. Normally redirection is required when any such web page is modified in terms of keyword in URL to make it more SEO friendly, at such time a situation may arise where those URL has been used in multiple locations for internal linking in the website and even used earlier for promotion purpose. Looking to this, it is not wise to just change the name of any particular web page only for the sake of targeted keywords and benefit of keyword in URL. If any such web page name is changed without considering the campaign undertaken earlier for the promotion of those links than all those efforts will be put to vain as once the web page name is changed URL which was earlier used for promotion may reply Not Found 404 error as it was renamed with a new page name. So loss of traffic along with broken link problem may arrive, here comes the redirection in to action.

If you don’t want to lose such traffic and even want to escape from the problem of broken link you may very well make use of Redirection. Yes just by updating a JavaScript you can redirect those traffic to a new location. Such script can be used when you want to redirect a single html web page to another newly modified location of the same web page.

Place the following HTML redirect code between the head tag of a web page (right below the starting of head tag is recommended)

<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=http://www.yourdomain.com/index.html">

This redirection script can be used if you have got a static web page to be redirected to another static web page. There may be situation where you have to handle redirection in case of dynamic web page and even in different environment such as in case of Linux  hosting server you have to consider htaccess file for redirection and when it comes to Window hosting sever you may very well consider web.config file and even looking to the purpose we can divide entire process of redirection to two mode

1) 301 Redirection (Which is considered as a permanent Redirection)

2) 302 Redirection (Which is considered as a temporary redirection)

We will be learning more about redirection and how it affects the SEO process. Apart from them even a particular domain can be redirected to entire new domain, we are to consider all such possibilities in next coming post. Thank you very much for the precious time spends by you!

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