Google may perform post requests method of Crawling for better search results

Today it was declared in Google Official Blog that they have now started to crawl the forms. As looking to the rising trend of JavaScript and other Ajax in web, it seems there was a need of such a technology which better helps to crawl all those stuff. As per Google, earlier these there were a case where either the entire content or due to some lacking information which was unable to be retrieved from Post looks completely broken. But now it seems Google can better crawl a page with JavaScript and can even present them to the end users in better way.

Even they have made sure to provide an advice to use GET method for fetching resources from the server, as this method is considered preferred method by Google Crawler. In major cases Google crawler use to stick to GET method for fetching resources, but now looking to technology used on the web and in order to retrieve more information about the page, Google bot may now perform POST requests where they believe it’s necessary.

Examples of Googlebot’s POST requests:

Crawling a page through a POST redirect

  <body onload="document.inquiry.submit();">
    <form name="inquiry" action="request.php" method="post">
      <input type="hidden" name="bar" value="456"/>

What is meant by GET method of fetching Resources?

It is considered to be one of the easiest http methods of fetching data from the server, if the resources is available at the location looked for, it will be given back to the user on their browser. In case if no such data is found, a 404 error will be shown. Though there are many defects of using GET method of fetching resources and it is considered as an unsecure method.

1) The total amount of characters that can be fetched through this mode is very much limited

2) The Data send through this method gets appended to the URL, so other users can easily see the data transmitted

What is meant by POST method of fetching Resources ?

This method is considered to be more powerful than the GET method of fetching resources, by this method data can be send as well as requested from the server. Normally such mode is used when we have to send huge data to the server, such as an inquiry form may be send through this mode.

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