Google to encrypt web search with SSL for Gmail login users

It has been day passed we have talked about the Caffeine web indexing system, today we are going to look a major change adopted by Google looking to the security and privacy of the end users. Google has started to redirect those Gmail Login users to their new platform i.e. encrypted platform, yes if you are login in your Gmail account and are searching for keyword positioning of your client website you may found yourself in an encrypted format of Google search. I.e. you will be redirected to

So now you might be wondering how this is going to effect the Search Engine optimization than make sure you are going to lose valuable information about your end users activity. Earlier this when a end users arrives in your website through Google search from Non encrypted format which we are used to till date, than you can very well collect all those information about visitors such as time when he arrived, date, IP address, Landing page, geographical location, browser used and even an operating system. All this information helped the webmaster to collect valuable information about their end users and even results into Internet Marketing strategy and so on. On base of such information one can start concentrating on particular keyword which seems to be paying more in terms of visitors. But now after the launch of encrypted web search you are going to lose all those valuable information which once upon a time helps you to prepare a successful SEO strategy.

Though all such valuable information will not be available any more for searches arrived from Gmail login users but Google will still show limited information about the referral traffic in their webmaster tool known as Google Webmaster tool. Interestingly Google has also announced that they are not going to hold information for advertisers from Google ad words, as they can continue to get all those valuable information for effectiveness of their campaign. So now those entire internet marketers along with webmaster are going to lose some valuable information from Google organic search results about their industry as currently those Gmail login users data may be lost and this data loss with continue to increase as the increase in number of Gmail users.

What I have seen in this Change?

According to me this seems to be a smart move by Google as before this though I have found for example 20 visits from any particular keyword but none of them get converted, I use to think about it why visitors from such keywords has not fetched me business. At same time after research I got to a conclusion that those visitors may be a probable internet marketer or may be a webmaster. So I have been working for a wrong keyword till date. My end users in terms of probable customers try to find the services or products with some other keywords. So till date data collected by Google webmaster and analytics has not provided exact scenario of my website but now it seems that my webmaster may reveal accurate information as traffic details from such Gmail Login users are not to be collected by webmaster and If I am not wrong all those tech guys i.e. Internet marketers and even the webmaster may use Gmail account more than the real visitors who has come to find a service or a product. So information about such real visitors may be reflected through my web analytics and web master account. Though there might be an exception but at the end I will conclude the talk with a proverb that “Every coin has two End”.

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