Google’s recent Algorithmic change to effect 35 percent of Search result on web

Google today announced a major change in their ranking algorithm that might impacts around 35 percent of Searches around the world. This is meant to provide the end users with up-to-date and most relevant results for which they are looking for. Normally for this they were working with a caffeine web indexing system which seems to be completed successfully last year. This system is meant to crawl and index the web for fresh content as quickly as possible. Based on this caffeine web indexing system Google is to bring major improvement in their ranking algorithm.

Something about Caffeine Web Indexing System:

This system lets Google index web pages on an enormous scale. It processes hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel with in seconds. As per Google “It takes nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a speed of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day”. With Caffeine Web indexing system end users can find fresh information than ever before, irrespective of when or where they were published.

Further when it comes to freshness of topic, each and every query has different level of requirement looking to it these algorithmic improvement is designed in such a manner that it can easily understand how to differentiate between such kinds of searches and the level of freshness the end users is looking for.

So now with this newly added algorithmic change you can find the most recent events or hot topics that begin trending on the web or can get updated with latest information about regularly recurring events. These changes is definitely going to help the web marketers around the world to make most out of online trending events and can benefit from them by finding exactly what the end users are looking for.

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