After Real time search its now time for real time tracking

It seems that Google has decided not to leave a stone unturned for providing value to the end users before the holiday arrives. After a major change adopted by Google Search Team, today even the web analytics team declared that they are now soon going to activate new version of Google Analytics. These new analytics interface with be available with some extra added features, which will increase the accuracy of overall tracking process.

The most important part of this new interface is that it will be providing analytics details on Real Time. Yes now you can watch what’s happening on your site – right now! All these reports are updated continuously and each individual page views is reported within second after they occurs. Till date we were able to find real time data through blogger platform but now you are going to get all at one platform, Google Analytics platform.

Apart from real time tracking you can even take benefit of multi channel funnels, you can track the channel of your customers for the last 30 days and find the most preferred channel which ends in more conversion or purchase. Here you can find channel path of clicks, from paid, organic searches, affiliates, social network and display ads and accordingly decide which channel proves more effective.

Mobile marketing seems to be an emerging trend, looking to this Google has even integrated mobile reporting platform, where you can track how your mobile users interact with your website, which mobile device end users use to interact with you and accordingly you can optimize your website for that particular mobile device and can even investigate why end users don’t use other mobile platforms.

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