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Though on one hand webmasters throughout the world feel little disappointed with Google’s policy of making the search secured for all those Gmail Login users, in terms of valuable data loss from Analytics tool. On other hand there seems some good news for the folk as Think insights with Google is out of beta version and it has started gathering valuable information from around the web, whether you are looking for Latest insights, interested to see the facts and stats or want to prepare a strategy keeping those valuable information as a base, all these becomes possible at Think insights.

The best part of this tool is, it provides you valuable information about the web all in real time, so now you don’t have to wait for days or months to collect information and when you seem to apply those strategies the trend might have changed. But now with the launch of Think Insights with Google you don’t have to suffer that lose and can make most out of the web.

What you are going to get through Think Ahead with Google

1) You can find the facts and stats in accordance with your specific industry, those valuable data is divided among some of these common platforms


Business to Business

Consumer Packaged Goods

Financial Services

Media and Entertainment





2) Find all those information in accordance with the Media Platforms such as Cross Media, Display, Mobile, Search, Social and Videos

3) Even you can find information in terms of your Audience i.e. age, gender and lot more

4) Apart from these the most important part of this section is that you can even find information in accordance with your marketing objectives such as Drive innovation, drive online conversion, engage your audience, increase offline sales, launch new product, measure and analyze, Optimize media mix, reach target customers and last but not least understand consumer behaviour

Real Time Information about the Web

This section of Think ahead provides you with valuable information about your end users and that too in real time; here you can find answers of your vital question which will help you to prepare a strong marketing strategy.

1) What are people looking for?

2) How are people searching?

3) Where are people clicking?

4) What are people saying?

5) What are people watching?

So looking to all these it seems that Think Insight is a one stop shop for all your consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research.

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