Google Today Roll out a new algorithm change in terms of Page layout

It is said that the process of innovation has no end and we can always find something to change and make it more better so is Google on the way to make a new algorithm change from possible 500 changes in current year. Today they officially declared that they are to consider the visible content in a page for end users as a sign of SERP placement. Recently we have seen many webmasters making use of this space to show case their ads believing that those are the hot spot which becomes visible to any such visitors once he enters in a page. Though from one instance it is definitely one of the hot spot for getting maximum exposure but at the same time the end users in terms of visitors comes in a website not to look to those ads but they are looking for some relevant information in terms of content, so this has led to unsatisfied user experience.

Google has rightly found that stuff and today they declared that they will no more tolerate such situation as they want to make sure their end users always have a big smile, when they prefer Google as a Search Engine to satisfy their needs. From now or may be within a week all such websites who has loaded only with ads and with no content in it will lose their rankings in Google, so make sure to change your page layout before Google penalize you for your motive of getting maximum clicks by decreasing the end users experience.

Here some of them may get worried as most of them have utilized such space to show case their ads but if you have got some good content and your ads don’t make complete view of the page than you may not have to get worried as Google is only to catch those webmasters who load their top section with full of ads and their it become nearly impossible to find any relevant content, apart from that Google has also included that this algorithmic change may affect around 1% of searches globally.

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