2012 Google Updates has given a new shape to SEO

It seems recently Google has brought numerous updates to their search algorithm to make sure it become more complicated and will not remain a game play of those search engine optimizer who appear to be involved in optimizing websites for years. Many proclaim it to be an end of search engine optimization but it may not be the fact, the people at Google wants to make search look more natural and don’t want any third person in terms of SEO Analyst to decide their first page placement, so looking to these recently they have brought Panda updates updated version, Penguin Updates and much more. It seems now it became a game play between those SEO webmasters and the search giant Google but here I am sure if you are one such SEO Savvy webmaster try to stick to those natural looking promotion technique which will definitely benefit you in terms of Top most placement. Here I again want to add that now instead of competing for those highly competitive keywords if you are able to target those local keywords and try to stick to moderately competitive keywords you definitely will be benefited in terms of increased leads.

When it comes to promotion techniques on page remains the same, for off page promotion try to build those natural looking links such as publishing content through web 2.0 websites, participation in Question and Answer websites, Building blog platform at domain level and regularly publishing quality and useful content, Involving in forums and boards. Hope all these technique will benefit you in terms of increased exposure. Further going ahead make sure you publish content with Good English and should not be duplicated one, else end users will not be interested in it. So looking to all these stuff it seems end users interaction with your website appears to be most important factor in good performance in search engines.


  1. Thanks for the new article regarding the google updates panda and penguin really appreciate your post. I just learn new things.

  2. Very usful information.. i was not aware of that now i got it.. thanks for such wonderful information

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  4. Yes Balaji, you are absolutely correct. I completely agree with you. This year, Google has come up woth so many updates that it has to give SEO definitely a new shape. Google has recently unleashed it's new update as Google Panda update 3.9. This update has improved the rankings of a large number of high quality websites.Thank you for sharing this informative post with us!!


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