An overview of web syndication from link building to duplicated content issues

Web syndication also sometimes known as content syndication is a form of syndication in which website materials of those of content creators are made available to similar other publisher websites. It may be in the form of web feeds with a summary or update of a websites recent updation. It seems such a way of syndication proves helpful to both as those who creates the content receives an increased exposure by making their content available through various similar platforms and on another hand those who makes such content available by their own platform can make their website more engaging as users are always updated with varied informational news about the niche.
Well, here let me add some interesting stuff for those SEO savvy communities. If you are involved in syndication of your web content in terms of providing your content in RSS  Feed or Atom Feed format to enable those webmasters, who want to place such content to their websites than here by placing your most important keywords as an anchor text in your content body section it will provide you with more back links from those of publishers websites. So along with increased exposure strong inbound links can even be welcomed. At this point active link builders should be feeling happy about it but wait; you are going to welcome a problem of duplicate content issue
Google nowadays seems to be strict punishing those duplicated contents, so if you don’t want Google to penalize you for those duplicated content than you should make sure to have an agreement with publishers as if restricting your content being crawled from their platform. This way you may escape from those future problems. Even you can ask for original contents link as a source to be placed at the end of each content being published from their platforms. This way you can make sure search engines discover original link of the article being published from your platform. Apart from these stuff even recently Google seems supporting a link = canonical tag to be deal with those of duplicated content issues. So you can even opt for placing canonical tags across domain to escape from such a problem. This way you can utilize varied option to get away from duplicated content issues.

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