Whether Inbound Link control tool can benefit SEO Community?

It took me a long to update my blog with yet another useful post, been busy with my tight schedule but this time I am going to talk about a tool may be long awaited by the SEO community. The latest buzzing topic in Google is a Link disavow tool which was launched by Google as on 16th Sept 2012. Till now many of you might have come across with this tool and learnt what one can achieve with the help of this tool. Especial webmasters who have received a message of unnatural link from Google knew the importance of it. I have heard lots of them complaining “webmasters demanding money to take down a link from their website”, apart from that even Negative SEO was a big problem. Now with the launch of this tool one can easily fix any low quality inbound link or link which seems to do more harm than good to the inbound link profile of their website.

The Link disavow tool is currently at its primary stage, no one other than Google knows how this tool is exactly going to work or intention behind collecting data which webmasters suggest either a bad one or of involved in any type of paid link activity. At this stage though it is very early to judge anything about it but there is a clear indication that if Google starts to act on link collected from the webmaster via Link disavow tool than we can see many using this tool against their competitor.

As per Matt Cutt – “this tool is not going to work as a directive but it will be considered as a strong suggestion”

While launching this tool Google has clearly specified that this is not the tool to be used by all, only webmasters who has received unnatural link message and that too if they are unable to contact webmaster to request link removal, they can make use of it to inform Google about their efforts and accordingly fix such Links. It is so Google and all SEO community has named it as an SEO tool with caution, because if you go on to upload all inbound links to disavow them then you are definitely going to do more harm to your website. All inbound links to the website may not be equal; some may even add more value to the website, so think twice before you upload any links for disavow and as per my suggestion if you haven’t yet received any such unnatural link message from Google you should not use it.

Features of the tool

- One can easily upload link by placing them in text file with one URL per line
- Three options are made available they are

- “#” : symbol can be used to place any comments about the link,

- “Domain: websitename.com : can be used to disavow links from entire domain

- www.websitename.com/content.html : To disavow links from any particular page

- One can upload a maximum of 2 MB in file size.

- If you want to upload more links to disavow than you can use the same file by replacing earlier links with newly updated one.

Once after successful submission of the links webmaster has to wait for 2 to 3 weeks to see any possible results from them. Hope this guide will be helpful to you to fix your suspicious link profile. The Link disavow tool is definitely going to help an SEO community a lot, interested to know what other thinks about it !

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