CEO: Whether investing in SEO is worth the investment?

SEO or search engine optimization as an on-line marketing service is looked with an intention to generate leads for the business on an immediate basis. In fact many CEO’s wouldn't see any specific difference between investment in SEO and other on-line marketing mediums such as Google PPC, banner advertisement or advertising at some local newspapers and outlets. They are concerned with leads for their business. I have seen number of them questioning the service provided by an SEO firm if business sees no direct leads from Organic medium.  Though they wait for a month or a two but then they take it for granted that either this medium is not going to work or they start suspecting service provided. For all those CEO’s keep in mind that “No one can guarantee you top organic position in Google for any desired keywords and it is this feature of Google has made it one of the most preferred Search Engine by masses. Also I will add here a statement that “Without SEO your website can never turn up at top position in Google Organic Search” provided there is some good competition in your niche.

From both of my above statement it is very much clear that if you want to make your product or service a well established brand, you must start giving due importance to Organic SEO from very beginning stage of your project. You can always judge the service provider by checking the quality & relevancy of content generated to promote your website. Also you can regularly check your inbound link profile which is one of the most important parts of Organic SEO. Inbound link from authority and relevant website is a sign of good SEO Service.

Investing in Paid mediums though are capable to generate leads on immediate basis but they wouldn’t last long as once you stop investing in paid mediums, your leads are stopped that moment. Also you have to set aside considerable budget for paid advertisements whereas Organic wouldn’t cost you much and they are capable to generate leads for your business for long term even when you have stopped investing in SEO mediums. Paid mediums will cost you for each click whereas from Organic there are huge chances that you will start getting visibility in number of other relevant keywords and start getting leads from those keywords too without paying any extra bucks for same. So at the end I will conclude my article with a statement that “Think Smart and invest wisely”.


  1. I can’t give assure to invest money in seo. PPC and advertisement is maybe valuable but it won’t exist long time in online. When you do organic seo manually at the same time seo is worthwhile and profitable to you and your site.


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