Top Free Ways to generate traction for Startups

Startups are those who want to turn an idea into reality. It’s the desired solution to complex problem prevailing in the society. For startup it is very hard to bring an idea from paper into practical life as they don’t have enough budgets to facilitate the process. They have to invest wisely in the product development as well as keep sufficient budgets for marketing purpose. They need to maintain balance between both. As marketing of ineffective product is money wasted whereas a great product itself can’t be successful unless it reaches masses. So let’s discuss how they can save on marketing budget still being able to generate traction for startups.

Traction for Startups

Free Organic traffic from Search Engines

Free Traffic or visits from Organic channel is one of the two medium by which a startup can manage to generate traction, for their startups with minimum budget. Here one has to understand that organic growth is not a magic but it is the result of an effective product with good SEO strategy. It involves creating an on page optimized product with good inbound links from newsworthy and authority websites. This immediately catches media attention which leads to ultimate traction for startps. Good SEO strategy leads to top organic position for targeted keywords which leads to increased visibility + free organic traffic from search engines.

Viral Marketing at Social Platforms

Facebook has almost crossed 2 billion users this makes it one of the powerful platform to reach targeted audience. Whereas twitter as one of the largest micro blogging platform has an active user of 328 million which makes it another platform to reach masses. Though there are number of brands competing in facebook and twitter to gain visibility of their targeted audience, it is their individual strategy which decides how far a brand will travel.

Content Marketing thru Blogosphere

Blogosphere is nothing else but a community who are inspired to write content & share knowledge about the industry to the masses. Such community always has huge followers who regularly subscribes to blog to stay updated with what’s new in the industry. Getting visibility of such community propels them to write about our new startup. If we are able to satisfy such community members about the value users will derive by utilizing our product or services they will not leave a stone unturned to market our product or take our startup ahead of their subscribers. This again can lead to free traction to startups.


Though there can be number of others ways to generate free traction to startup but above mentioned are some of the top and most powerful ways if done correctly. I have seen startups with limitation of time get into number of channels simultaneously to promote their brand without enough resources ends into vain. I personally recommend them to just pick one or two platform in absence of resource and employ strategy in that platform to see what works and what not because each top platform is capable of reaching your targeted audience if done correctly. 

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