Different medium to be gain attention of Targeted audience from Google Search

These days when more than 90% of customers are searching online to buy a product or services it is necessary for being visible ahead of them when they are looking for product or services you sell. Till now we all know that more than 80% of customers use Google search to buy something they are looking for or at least they make sure to read the reviews of products before going to buy from the shop. This increased use of Google search has made it necessary for a business to be visible to their targeted audiences. Now comes how to be visible ahead of them when probable customers are looking for products or services similar to you. There is a number of ways to do this, let’s see some of them.

Google pay per click is one form of marketing where different business tries to be placed at top of the search to gain more visibility of the targeted audience. Here they need to pay to Google for each authentic user coming to the website from the ad displayed at Google search. We will discuss more its pros and cons in a different post.

Another form of marketing is to achieve a top position for keywords customers use to look for products or services you sell. This can be even said as top organic placement. Visits from such medium are free but it needs to keep up with the top organic ranking. Basically, different business competes organically to achieve a top position for their targeted keywords, as this medium provides free traffic to the website for a longer period of time. Such Organic ranking can be achieved by performing SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, making the website easy for Google bots to crawl and even easy for users to navigate through the website and find what they are looking for. Google has certain criteria for a website to rank at top of search which makes it necessary to modify website Google bots & end users like it. This activity can be considered as an SEO. We will learn more about it in an upcoming post.

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