Improve Your Conversion Rate with Inspectlet Video Tracking Tool

Inspectlet is a great online video tracking tool which helps businesses to understand user behavior of the website. It provides a great insight in terms of video recorded of user behavior from the very beginning of the visit which ultimately helps you to improve conversion with the proper fix on the website. One can easily identify which part of website user is spending more time and why they have not filled the form. With careful tracking of user behavior, one can easily identify a number of problems on the website and way to increase user experience & increase conversion on the website. To name a few

ü  Identify if a particular part of animation in the page is not working in any particular screen size.
ü  Users don’t navigate to the bottom of the page.
ü  Any functionality or fields remains uncompleted by a maximum number of users.
ü  Internal search results what users see at their end.
ü  Timing & Repeated visit of user from the same device
ü  In fact, you can see every mouse movement, scroll, clicks, and keypress on your site.

I will define this tool as a conversion rate optimizer as one can easily identify where a user is stopping in a conversion funnel and ways to increase conversion of a website.

Sometimes when you work in a product based website it is obvious you might receive a number of emails from a different customer about loopholes in the system or any particular functionality is not working properly. The most important part of optimizing product based website is to improve user experience day by day with proper optimization, here with the help of inspectlet you just need to check the video on the basis of the timing of user browsing the website or you can even ask particular page they visited on that basis you can search video session of that particular user. Here now you no need to do guessing work as with the help of video you can exactly see what problem user faced at their end & implement a necessary fix to it.

The most important part of inspectlet is that it has various inbuilt search feature wherein you can search different types of user behavior to name a few, search pages which users landed on, search session with particular submit button, search on the basis of location, search on the basis of successful goal completion, filter on the basis of different device types and lot more. On daily basis, one can spend hardly 30 minutes and can help the website to increase conversion rate by implementing various changes into the website which will increase overall user experience. I can say only this Start using it today you will change the way user reacts to your website. This is absolutely incredible conversion optimizer tool.  

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